Sailboat Gatsby. 
Restore by Sylvain Romanet after onboard fire. This vessel is registered in France. 
She is 13.65 gross tons, 13.1 meters long, with a beam of 3.6 meters.  
Yacht and Boat Deliveries
Master 100 Ton Near Coastal
Yacht & Surveyors, underwriters, adjusters, 
repairers, lenders, appraisers, towers, and others serving the recreational boating public have 
discovered that EXCHANGE is an important tool of the trade. As a member-subscriber, you will find 
reports of actual boat problems (potential hazards), articles on what affects boat safety and insurance,
 reports on test equipment, and other helpful information. EXCHANGE is truly an exchange of useful 
information-a year-round "round table discussion" without the cost of traveling to 
time-consuming meetings and seminars. ABLE SEAMAN- Offshore Supply Vessel. 
Six months (180 days) service on deck on vessels operating on the oceans or navigable waters 
of the U.S. including the Great Lakes. LIFEBOATMAN One year (360 days) service on deck, OR two 
years (720 days) in the other departments of vessels, operating on the navigable waters of the U.S.
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     As a USCG licensed captain, I will deliver your vessel, pleasure or commercial, to any port requested in a safe and timely manner. My training and experience on numerous vessels from 190 ton OSV class work and crew boats to midsize pleasure cruisers give me the confidence to transport your boat or yacht for delivery anywhere along the U.S. coastal waters as well as the Bahamas, Canada, and Mexico.   


Boat and Yacht Deliveries
My crew and I will move your vessel safely and efficiently between any ports of call in the U.S,  Bahamas, Canada, and Mexico or move it from slip to slip in your marina.  No job is to small or transport to far.  Your boat will not be moved until a complete pre-transport survey is completed by a member of the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors-SA to insure the safety of the crew and the seaworthiness of the vessel making the voyage.  Inspections are performed to USCG regulations, ABYC standards, and generally accepted seamanship practices. While the delivery is in process you should sleep well at night, between daily status reports, knowing your yacht or boat is in capable hands and being cared for by professional able-bodied seaman.   
Captain Assist
If you are planning a voyage and want additional experienced crew members or chartering for hire and require a licensed captain to be aboard I can help. If the thought of Captain Ron discourages you from a captained charter you can rest assured that I will do all in my control in order that you and your family have a safe, memorable boating experience.  I also have experience in performing pre-purchase, and post retrofit sea trials both at the controls and as crew.  As a qualified Marine Surveyor, I can help you insure that your planned voyage will be undertaken on a safe, seaworthy craft or that your repairs are being performed in a cost effective and prudent manner.
Vessel Handling
If you are in need of training, be it boat handling skills, navigation equipment usage, general seamanship, or assistance passing a Coast Guard exam, I can be of assistance.  Powerboat Squadron and Coast Guard Auxiliary courses are excellent, but if you want a more in-depth and personalized training we can work out a program to suit your specific needs.  A combination of theory and practical application will help you out in tough situations and give others confidence in your decision making abilities.

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Engine or Transmission Fluid
Analysis submission                
Galvanic Corrosion Analysis         
Moisture Meter Analysis .
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Information Qualifications
Paul B. Murphey

American Boat & Yacht Council

Standards Accredited


(407) 758-6593

Graduate Chapman's School of Seamanship

Yacht and Small Craft Surveys

Postal Address

P.O. Box 770541

Winter Garden, FL. 34777

National Association of Underwater Instructors

Openwater Certified since 1985


U.S. Merchant Mariner's Document

Able Seaman / Lifeboatman

OSV, PSV, AHTS class vessels

Maintained by: Captain Paul B. Murphey 2006 Member Boat U.S. Technical Exchange

Member of SAMSŪSA

Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors



United States Coast Guard  Licensed

Master 100 Ton Near Coastal

    Member American Professional Captains Association


Downwind sail in calm waters.